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DeVoteD provides both nbn™ UNI-V bundle and VOIP Phone Plans for consumers to get connected. Both technologies take advantage of the reliability of the nbn™ Fibre network and have the same low-cost plans and call charges.

UNI-V Phone Plans

UNI-V Phone Plans take advantage of the inbuilt phone port on your Network Termination Device (NTD) provided by NBN Co. Customers can choose to port their existing phone number from their copper phone line to our UNI-V phone service free of charge.

The UNI-V phone port also takes advantage of the NBN Backup Battery power supply unit (PSU). During an extended blackout, the UNI-V ports remain active for up to 6 hours — allowing customers to continue to make and recieve phone calls without disruption.

Setting up the UNI-V phone service is also extremely easy. If you have an existing wireless handset, simply plug the phone cable previously connected to your wall phone outlet to the port labeled "UNI-V 1" on your NBN Network Termination Device and you're good to go! We're also joining up with Jim's Antennas to offer a re-wire service to allow you to continue using all the phone ports around your house.

However, DeVoteD UNI-V phone plans are not avaliable in all areas. Contact us to see if you're able to sign up for the UNI-V service!

VOIP Phone Plans

VOIP Phone plans (Voice Over IP) uses the Internet connection at your place provided by DeVoteD or another provider to make and receive phone calls. A device called an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) or a dedicated VOIP phone is required to convert the traditional analogue phone signals to data which can be transfered over the Internet. You can purchase pre-configured ATA and VOIP phones from us to get connected instantly.

Customers can choose to port their existing phone number to the VOIP Phone Service free of charge, or otherwise be allocated a phone number local to the customer's area.

VOIP phone services can not directly take advantage of the NBN Backup Battery power supply unit (PSU). Unless all networking equipment (including the router and the ATA) is powered by a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), your phone service will not work.

There are two ways to get connected to a VOIP phone service. You can either:

Setup Diagram